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Establishment of Teaching Hospital Boards

Teaching Hospital Boards are established by the Ghana Health Service and Teaching Hospitals Act, 525 (1996), as amended in 2019.

Following the amendment of sub-section 1 of Section 37 of Act 525, in 2019, the composition of Teaching Hospital Boards has been revised.

The 4th Governing Board of the Tamale Teaching Hospital is reflective of the revisions made in the amendment to Act 525

Functions of TH Governing Boards

Section 35 (2) of the Ghana Health Service & Teaching Hospitals Act lists the function of Teaching Hospital Boards (among others) as follows:

  • Determine the polices of the Teaching Hospital which shall be within the general policies of the government on health
  • Ensure sound financial management of the Hospital’s funds
  • Monitor and improve the quality of care at the Hospital
  • Assess periodically the adequacy of the resources, including personnel, physical facilities and finances of the Hospital
  • Ensure the implementation of the policies, plans and programmes by the appropriate units at the Teaching Hospital
  • Co-operate fully with the hospitals in the [Ghana Health] Service
  • Subject to the approval of the Minister determine the scale of fees to be paid by patients and
  • Appoint staff and determine their remuneration and benefits subject to the law and policies for the time being in the force on social security and salaries.

Composition of TH Governing Boards

Per Act 525 (1996) as revised, the composition of the Governing Board of a Teaching Hospital shall be as follows:

  • A Chairperson, with considerable experience in management of administration who is not a Minister of Deputy Minister of State
  • A legal practitioner of not less than ten years standing at the Bar
  • A medical practitioner of not less than ten years standing as a clinician
  • An allied health professional of not less than ten years experience
  • A pharmacist of not less than ten years standing and
  • A nurse or midwife of not less than ten years standing
  • Two representatives with considerable experience in health education and research, at least one of whom is a woman, who are not members of staff of the teaching hospital and are nominated by the University Council
  • One other person with considerable experience in finance and risk management who is not a member of staff of the teaching hospital
  • A business person in the private sector with considerable experience in private sector entrepreneurship and
  • The Chief Administrator of the teaching hospital, who shall be referred to as the Chief Executive Officer

The Board Directors of the Tamale Teaching Hospital can be found here